Posted by: evtechie | November 2, 2008

Outlook RSS Feed Removal

I have been learning a lot about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) in the last few months as I have begun blogging on my personal blog quite a bit, and finding other bloggers of interest. However, when I first set up my NEW Outlook 2007 on my laptop, I didn’t know if I would need the “readers” for RSS (frankly, I just didn’t feel confident enough about RSS), and being a techie I told Outlook to “be my default”. WHAT a MISTAKE that was!

As Google has added amazing features for my gmail account, I have begun playing with all of them. I found a magical way to sync my outlook and caledars for multiple accounts, and dozens of other great things (that is for another article). ONE of those features is Googles “Reader” which has become a happy place of information from my favorite bloggers. The problem? Once I told OUTLOOK to be my default reader, any effort to add a new feed now opens my OUTLOOK and doesn’t let me easily subscribe through Google Reader. Thus, I have tried all kinds of things to stop that. This week, in utter frustration, I did another search and found one helpful solution from a tech forum that in turn pointed me to this article:  

The basic rundown is that several pieces need to be taken down and apart to clear up the outlook feeds that tend to slow Outlook down. 

  1. Disable the auto-sync of feeds – Tools | Options | Other (tab) | Advanced Options
  2. Uncheck Sync RSS feeds to Common Feed List
  3. Remove Feed Subscriptions – Tools | Options | Mail Setup | Data Files | RSS Feeds
  4. Remove each item and delete.
  5. Remove old feed content – Under Personal Folders, expand the RSS Feed Folder
  6. Delete each feed folder

I appreciate the techs that take the time to write these things out and solve so many issues, it makes my job more efficient!


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