Posted by: evtechie | November 30, 2009

Windows 7 Overview

Once again, the questions fly when Microsoft releases something new. I have been contemplating buying Windows 7, for the sake of playing and learning. I have a few clients with the new system on new computers, and as I have had a little time to meander through the Windows 7 world, I have found it a bit refreshing compared to Vista. Vista has been a donkey of an operating system, removing control and distancing users from well known features so that a whole new thinking process had to emerge. Windows 7 seems to be better thought out, removing the guess work out of it, and offering some great features that are useful and time-saving. I especially have liked the preview of open items, the ability to compare windows, and a cleaner use of memory (Vista used 1GIG of memory to function, W7 uses only half a gig, so older computers are supposed to enjoy this new Operating system).

A few of the down sides of the new OS, is that again, Microsoft wants you to purchase purchase purchase… so the price continues to be steep. I upgraded my new Mac OS for $29… you can expect to pay at LEAST $110 for the basic-basic version of Windows 7. Additionally, if you used Windows Mail in Vista, or Outlook Express, don’t expect to find either in the new OS. Microsoft offers a download of a simple mail software, but you have little control… What Microsoft REALLY wants you to do is decide you need something better and buy Microsoft Outlook 2007 to save your productivity. It’s all about the money. I am hoping I have more to report once I purchase Windows 7 and really see it myself.

I found this video online that provides a wonderful overview; so “Thanks to Microsoft and CompUSA” for this clip. Take about 5 minutes to view… you may find some fun features to contemplate before you take the chance… either way, if buying a system this holiday season… look for one with Windows 7 before Vista!


  1. OK – I just got Windows 7 AND I am really finding it significantly faster and not so painful… for the win!

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