This site, ultimately, is a computer resource for clients, friends, and strangers. Your first stop, please, should be the “How To’s” where I update mini-tutorials weekly. The rest can be consumed at your leisure. If there is something specific – check the SEARCH for terms related to your problem, of click on a category to view all appropriate articles.

 I specialize in coming to your home or business and helping you with most computer problems:
• I can teach you how to use a program/application.
• I can teach you how to use your computer.
• I can teach you how to use other computer related devices .
• I can restore the computer you already have so it runs like new.
• I can back up the system you have.
• I can setup a secure network for your home (wireless).
• I can fix and often clean up a computer infested with Viruses/Spyware/Malware.
• I can help you with E-Mail issues.
• I can help you get more room on your computer if you’ve run out.
• I can make your computer run faster!
• I can help you make Fliers or Brochures for your company.
• I can help you build or maintain a website (we also own Webskinz).
• I can tutor your child (I have one myself).
• I can just sit there next to you and give you moral support!
• I know dependable individuals for office networking & custom computers.

My Computer Angel’s History:

My Computer Angel is an Orlando FL Techie firm & a subsidiary of Webskinz, an Orlando FL Web Design Company.  My Computer Angel is run by Evelyn Dufner (formerly Evelyn Harder). Evelyn has been in the Technology Support world for over 15 years, officially training and teaching for 6 of those 15.  Evelyn is currently an instructor at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando, FL, teaching courses on Microsoft Office, Basic Web Design, Help Desk Technologies, and recently Interpersonal Communications. She recently attained her MA in Mental Health Counseling, further enhancing her personable approach with stressed computer users. Over the last four years she has helped many homeowners gain added access and value from small home networks and new applications through desk-side mentoring and support.

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