“Happy Clients”

What would I do without my computer angel!? From the start of my business to the addition of another employee and a travel laptop, she’s been a whiz at keeping my computer network humming along at top performance. Savvy. Responsive. Quick. Plus, she’s got great ideas of how to make my digital life simpler and better. Thanks, Evelyn!”
J. MacKay
JM Communications, Inc.

“I believe in Angels. I have had numerous companies work on my computers but have never been satisfied. Since the ‘Computer Angel’ has been involved with my company I have never had any down time. The best computer decision I have made was to hire Evelyn to do maintenance on a monthly schedule. My efficiency has improved and my frustration level has decreased. Thank you Evelyn”
M. Barry
Millennium Systems Design, Inc

“I have enjoyed knowing Evelyn for several years. She has always been helpful, knowledgeable, punctual and pleasant. She has never been condescending (to those of us who are not techies) and I recommend her highly!!!”
Julie D.

“Without ‘My Computer Angel’ Webskinz.com would not be a company! Thank you Evelyn!!!!”
Gary Dufner

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