Newsletter Archive

I spent quite a bit of time creating newsletters for my clients that at one point I was fairly consistent in publishing. Since graduating with my masters, managing two businesses and a busy teaching career at a local college, I haven’t had time to update and follow up on these. I leave them listed as a resource for clients interested. You can also subscribe to get updates on my site, so you won’t miss out on updated information. Check to the right for a link to subscribe to updates. Let me warn you that as I update the site (which will be frequent during these first few months) it may result in a lot of updates up front. After that I will only post updates related to clients and their most frequent issues.

July 07 – Productive Email
Feb ’07Vista/ JumpDrv
Jun ’06Myspace/ScrSvr
Dec ’05Safety & Kids
Oct ’05Startup/Spyware
July ’05File Assoc.
Jan ’05 Upgrade/ Update
Aug ’04 Wireless
May ’04Worm War
Mar ’04Organize Emails
Dec’03 Trend Micro
Nov’03Newsletter Tips
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