Rates Information for Clients

As many of my clients know, I finished my Master’s at Rollins College in Winter Park. I teach classes at the International Academy of Design and Technology and I am not available on Tuesday or Thursday.

Consulting Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

My rates are no secret, so I am posting them for those who are curious.

Updates on Rates (2009)
Type Computers Rate
Home User 1 computer $68/hr (2 hour minimum)
Small Office 2+ computers $80/hr (2 hour minimum)
Home Office 2+ computers $80/hr (2 hour minimum)
Special Trip
1+computers $80/hr + $15 travel fee
(less than 1 hour)
Phone Support   $50/hr calculated by 1/4 hour

If I get a new client from a referral you made, your next appointment will be reduced by $20. Let me know if I haven’t honored this as I often get busy with a handful of new clients and they don’t always tell me. I will also give them a $20 discount if they let me know you referred them! Let your friends know!!

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